Thursday, 8 July 2010

Big 1st Birthday Countdown

So now little sausage is 1...i cant believe it, maybe its because we didnt really get a proper chance to celebrate it. On the Monday before we had to rush little sausge into hospital as she was very poorly and had a unprovoked fit in my arms, she spent the next 4 days in hospital,where she sadly had 3 more fits on the ward.

To be completely honest i found all the staff at the hospital uncaring and uninterested in a 11month baby having fits,so much so that after her 4th fit little sausage continued to have a mini fit and all the nurses left her in pain and uncomfortable.

Finally a doctor came to rescue...well in some senses..he decided that she needed to have some tests and to be put on a course of antibiotics..this seemed to do the trick and by wednesday after some gruelling tests she seemed to be returning her normal self.

The Big Birthday arrived and my poor little sausgae was still in hospital, but lucky was aloud home, where i am happy to say she has stayed and has got loads better!

I would like to thank both my big sis's for helping me through a very tough time love you boths lots xxxx


  1. So glad she is better hun, can't wait to see you on Sunday x x

  2. So am i, hated seeing her like that. We are really looking forward to seeing you too and guess what...David has booked the day off!! love you xxx

  3. Yay!!! What food do you need, we've got a few bits to bring down and some beer x